Which Sleeping Tablets to Get in the UK?

Which Sleeping Tablets to Get in the UK?

There are now a much wider selection of sleeping tablets in the UK to pick from. This might be because there are a lot more people searching for ways to help get to sleep. We have all become a lot more restless over the past year. And, rightly so, a lot has happened and we’ve had a lot more to worry about – a global pandemic, Brexit – both humongous events have created vast amounts of uncertainty and anxiety. 

Issues and usage of Sleep tablets:

I for one, am in this category. I already had sleeping issues before all this, but they have gotten a whole lot worse. When will this all be over? It seems it might still be quite some time until we go back to “normal” or some version of what we are used to. This means we have quite a bit more time of feeling this way. So I had to figure out a solution to my sleep issues. I needed help, but I really don’t want to take anything that is a “medication” – the idea of a sleeping pill totally freaks me out… will I ever wake up!?! 

This is why I tend to search for sleep aid tablets as they are usually herbal sleeping tablets or a more natural remedy. There is no risk of becoming addicted and you don’t feel groggy in the morning. Most herbal sleeping tablets contain specific ingredients to relax you after a stressful day so that you can get to sleep more easily. They will also most likely contain other ingredients that encourage you to fall asleep in that they will make you drowsy, but, again,they don’t usually knock you out like a sleeping pill would. 

Good sleeping aid tablet

When looking for a good sleeping aid tablet there are specific ingredients that you’ll want to look out for 

  1. Chamomile: there is a reason that chamomile tea is so good before bed, chamomile extract is a mild sedative that helps calm anxiety to relax you at the end of the day 
  2. Vitamin B: B vitamins are the Building blocks of a healthy body, specifically their role in helping with cell metabolism and brain functioning is particularly important for when you brain regenerates and cleanses as you sleep
  3. 5-HTP is found ingredients such as Griffonia Seed or from the amino acid tryptophan
  4. 5HTP helps your body produce serotonin.
  5. Magnesium: this mineral has a wide range of health benefits – one of which being that it can influence some of our natural sleep processes. It helps regulate our sleep – wake cycle and binds to our GABA receptors which are responsible for calming us down

In terms of which sleeping tablets in the UK I get, I go for Paso’s sleep capsules that have only just recently launched. They contain all the above plus a whole lot more. What I like most about their herbal sleeping tablets is that it really feels that I am just taking a nightly vitamin. I didn’t immediately feel its benefits, but after taking them consistently for a couple of weeks, I definitely felt like my sleep was more effective. I was dreaming more and woke up feeling a lot fresher. 

Final thoughts

As a society, we tend to focus so much on what we should eat, what supplements we should take or what activities we should do to be healthier during the day, but sleep is really the most important thing that we should focus on. After now getting back into the groove and giving myself the allotted 7-8hours that we require, it has impacted all aspects of my life – namely my mental health and energy levels. We all need to prioritise sleep especially now as we must keep our immunity strong! 

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