recreational marijuana

Understanding Recreational Marijuana and Tips to Buy the Right Strain

Recreational Marijuana

The euphoric feeling of consuming marijuana is incomparable with any other intoxicant available in the market. It uplifts your mood with happy vibes. True marijuana lovers prefer a joint over any expensive alcoholic drink because the post-consumption impacts are simply awesome. Talking about its impacts on health, recreational marijuana available in authorized dispensaries comprises several health benefits too. Every cannabis plant comprises THC and CBD as dominating elements. The CBD aka cannabidiol comprises medicinal properties whereas THC acts as a sedative agent that uplifts your mood. Including California, the cannabis business is completely legal in a total number of 12 states. Apart from three states, marijuana with limited THC content is now legal all over the United States of America.

The best thing about marijuana is its versatility. Whether you smoke, vape, eat or drink it, the impacts will be the same. Moreover, it never loses its basic properties even after concentrating through various lab processes. This is the main reason why marijuana is getting legal recognition worldwide but opioids are still completely banned. Another great thing about cannabis is its low potential risk of addiction. As compared to heroin, cocaine, opium, and alcoholic drinks, it is the least addictive. You will become habitual only if consuming along with tobacco. There is a broad marketplace for both traditional and modern marijuana users. For both of them, a marijuana dispensary offers different variants as we are mentioning below.

Marijuana variants suitable for traditional users

  1. Dry herb strains

When it comes to the variety, you will get maximum possible options in dry herb strains. Dried leaves are consumed from centuries by people of different ethnic groups. You can roll a joint or use a traditional chillum for consuming it. Three kinds of cannabis species grow naturally i.e. Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Only Sativa and Indica variants contain an adequate amount of THC and CBD. Modern researchers have discovered a fourth variant called Hybrid for higher potency level and customized post-consumption impacts. In India, Sativa and Hybrid category, more than 400 strains are available for sale. Every strain uplifts you with distinctive natural flavor as well as sedative impacts. Every recreational marijuana shop is currently selling these strains with different potency levels. For instance, Northern Light contains 33% of THC whereas Skunk Haze only contains 9% of THC content. On the label of every strain, you can check the potency level and details about flavors.

  • Hash

Hash is also another traditional cannabis variant comprising a more concentration than dry herb strains. Nowadays, most of the hash available in the market is mechanically processed by applying tremendous pressure. Still, traditional style black hash is in high trend. People softly rub leaves with their hands in order to obtain the concentrated black color hash that contains 50-60% of THC. You can consume hash by smoking or vaping whatever feels comfortable.

Marijuana variants suitable for modern users

  1. Vaping juices

Vaporizers are widely trending nowadays all over the world because they are fashionable and safer than smoking. A vaporizer is an electronic device meant for atomizing the inner-filled content known as vaping juice. These juices comprise concentrated THC, CBD and some elements that help in producing vapors while consuming. As the inner chamber of vaporizer heats up, thick clouds of vapors produce that contains no trace of tar. These juices are rapidly trending among the youth because of multiple flavors options and attractive clouds formation. The modern vaping devices are also capable of atomizing solid stuff like dry herbs and hash.   

  • Wax

Wax is the modern version of hash extracted from leaves by pressing precisely under a safe level of temperature. Cannabis leaves release a sticky brownish substance comprising a concentration of THC up to 60-80%. Some renowned recreational marijuana shops near me can provide wax of various concentration levels but it is only recommended for experts. Highly potent wax hits harder than hash and dry herb strains. Finding good quality wax is difficult because many sellers mix synthetic THC in it for increasing the potency.  

  • Edibles

Edibles are among the most trending marijuana products you can buy. Edibles are stealthy because no one can notice that you are actually consuming weed. From gummy bears to chocolates, cannabis concentrates can be added to any kind of edible product without compromising with the taste. Edibles are available for both intoxication and medicinal purposes. Some companies of marijuana near you only sell CBD based products that can help in getting relief from depression, anxiety and various other health issues. On the other hand, THC based cannabis products and immerse you in deep euphoria.

Not only for eating but you can also avail them in various flavors of drinks. For instance, you can buy marijuana drinks infused in the flavors of fruits or chocolate. On every unit you consume, they mention the percentage of THC so that you don’t exceed the limit. Generally, eatables and drinks take 20-30 minutes for metabolizing and reflecting the results. On the other hand, smoke and vapors give you an instant hit. If you are a prolonged user of smokables, it is advisable to keep patience after consuming the edible.

Safest options to choose

It is an undeniable truth that smokes gradually affect your throat and lungs with its tar which can further cause cancer. If you are looking for healthy options, try a multifunctional vaporizer device. As mentioned above, vaping devices available in the market are multifunctional. Not only for liquid concentrates but they are also capable of atomizing solid stuff. Edibles are also great options because they are safe to consume without smoke and also affordable. You don’t have to invest in any peripheral device like expensive vaporizers. If lucky, it is also possible to find crystals of cannabis that contains approximately 99% pure THC. A puff or two are enough to immerse you in the deepest euphoria. However, handling this level of hitting impact is not easy. Consume responsibly whether it is a dry herb strain or concentrated wax because an overdose may result in hallucinations and various mental abnormalities.

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