Top Benefits of Hemp Coffee

You may be aware that hemp is used in food, oils, clothing, and.. coffee.


Yes, you read that correctly.


Hemp coffee is an actual thing and it’s all the rave right now. It may seem hard to believe but hemp + coffee can provide you with a great to your day.


A lot of people simply can’t function without a cup of coffee (or ten) in the morning. But with hemp coffee, you can get the same kick with a touch of anxiety reduction and pain relief.


Let’s take a closer look at what hemp coffee is, like Willie’s Remedy coffee, how it’s made, and some of the reasons that can prompt you to put aside your regular brew for a cup of hemp-infused coffee.

What Is Hemp Coffee

Hemp coffee is a mixture of coffee beans and hemp seeds extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It usually has very small and ineffective traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound responsible for the hallucinogenic high associated with marijuana use.


The hemp seeds used to make hemp coffee contain fiber, oil, amino acids, protein, and vitamin E.

Benefits of Using Hemp Coffee

Good Source of Protein and Fiber

Hemp is an amazing source of fiber to include in your diet. Fiber helps your body regulate weight and prevent constipation. It helps the digestive tract function smoothly in passing waste through the body.


Hemp is a great source of plant-based protein since it has a lot of protein nutrients that the human body requires to build muscle and maintain good health.

Boost of Caffeine

Scientific research has found caffeine to act as a natural energy booster for people. It also gives one’s cognitive skills the jumpstart they need to power through the day. Caffeine also motivates the production of dopamine and norepinephrine which boosts neuron activity in the brain.


Additionally, caffeine improves body metabolism by about 3% to 11% which helps burn fat, giving the body a dose of extra energy.

Reliable Supply of Omega 3 and 6

Among the many minerals and vitamins found in hemp that are beneficial to the body’s overall health, are the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that help avert both heart and brain disease. These nutrients have also been found to help with depression, regulate weight, and overall body health.

Helps Deal With Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety through your day, then hemp coffee is exactly what you need to get rid of those jitters. The powerful combination of caffeine and hemp will stimulate your mind to push you closer to the edge and ease your anxiety. Their sedative effects will help you relax more without experiencing any agitation.


Give Willie’s Remedy Coffee a Try

Willie’s Remedy coffee provides all the gains you can expect from coffee with the extra benefit of hemp. The coffee is selected and well roasted before it is infused with organic full-spectrum hemp oil grown in the U.S.


Expect to experience a lovely balanced feeling effect thanks to coffee’s natural lift, combined with a fantastic dose of focus from the hemp oil.






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