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The Ins and Outs of the Vape Juice

Vaping juices or e-liquids are the products that we use in our vapers or electronic cigarettes so that steam is produced when inhaled.This liquid is what gives us the taste and nicotine when we use our electronic cigarette. Thanks to the diversity of products that we find in the market, we can choose from a wide variety of flavors, concentrations and more.

As most of you already know that many trends surface and fall off every year, one year people would go crazy for custard, the next they will go after lemonade or fruit, but unlike others, this particular trend is definitely here to stay.

About Vape Juices or E-liquids

THC vape juice is available in a number of flavors, and these flavors and aromas range from vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream as well as existing fruits, tropical drinks, creamy coffees, liqueurs and chiclets. One can easily purchase the vape juice in a wide variety of prices and sizes. Most vapers consume approximately 2ml of vape juice a day, so you should be fine with a supply of around 60ml a month, even though this can significantly vary depending on how a person chooses to vape.

Components of E-liquids or Vape Juice

In principle, all components of the vape juice are considered safe for human consumption, except for nicotine, which can prove to be toxic if used beyond a certain amount.

If you’re new to the “vaping world” the terms  “Vegetable Glycerin USP” aka (VG) and “Propylene Glycol USP” aka (PG) will soon become a part of your extensive vocabulary.

All vape juices are made up of varying quantities of the following four ingredients:

Propylene Glycol USP (PG)

This particular ingredient is used to generate steam. The substance is considered reasonably safe since it’s widely in asthma inhalers as an addictive and doesn’t have any known adverse side effects. Many conventional cigarette companies also use it to add the required moisture to their tobacco.

Vegetable Glycerin (GV)

It is hypoallergenic, not carcinogenic, and is metabolized via beta-oxidation, which is a well-known process. Vegetable Glycerin is considered safe for inhaling or ingesting, or for contact with human skin.


The nicotine concentration in vaping fluids ranges from 0.0mg / ml to 18mg / ml. It is also a popular agricultural insecticide. However, one needs to make sure that the nicotine in vape juices is pharmaceutical grade.

Aromatic agents

These aromas give the e-liquids their flavor. In order to make them safe for inhaling, they should be made soluble with water.

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PG and VG – Water premiums

The vape juice needs a vehicle in order to function. The holder keeps flavors and nicotine in suspension and turns into steam quickly as soon as the heat is applied, this is the work that Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol carry out vape juices; VG and/or PG. However, both of them are non-toxic, and the FDA considers them “safe for consumption”, as they are being consumed already in processed foods.

Benefits of PG in Vape Juices

Propylene Glycol, in comparison to Vegetable Glycerin, has less flavor of its own and is thinner. PG, when used alone, produces less steam. An e-liquid, in general, composed entirely of PG will have better flavor than the one made of VG entirely.

Benefits of VG in Vape Juices

Vegetable Glycerin, by itself, has a sweet flavor. Therefore, vape juice may have some flavor notes that are slightly more difficult for a person to detect. VG, in addition, is also a thicker liquid compared to PG, so the steam it produces is considerably denser and larger.

VG vs PG: Which is better?

In simple words, vegetable glycerin is a natural substance as it is derived from plants, whereas propylene glycol is a synthetic chemical. Most people prefer VG for this particular reason while there are many others who prefer VG because they have sensitive reactions or allergies to PG. In cases of adverse reactions or throat dryness people usually switch immediately to an all-VG vape juice.

However, the vape juice that is considered ideal by most vapers contains a combination of both VG and PG as the thickening properties of  VG increases the amount of steam produced, the PG enhances the absorption rate and improves the flavor definition. We must try and experiment with the combination that works best for us. For some people, it works 70% VG / 30% PG, and for others, it is better to invert the percentages. Some, on the contrary, prefer 50% VG / 50% PG. It really is a matter of taste.

E-Liquid Nicotine For Vaping

As general rule liquids are sold without nicotine, so you will have to buy pure liquid nicotine separately. To do this, you can choose flavored nicotine salts, or you can purchase so-called nicokits that contain different degrees of pure, unflavored nicotine to mix or dilute with flavored vaping liquids. Liquid nicotine does not alter the flavor of the juices for vaping.

How Much Liquid Nicotine Do I Need To Vape?

Vaping is the best tool if you want to quit smoking. However, to know the exact amount of liquid nicotine you need to vape, you first have to know a few things.

How to Calculate Nicotine for Vaping?

For example, if you are vaping with your Mod or ecig a liquid with 18 mg of pure liquid nicotine, in a tank or 1 ml cartridge, this means that you are consuming 9 mg of nicotine per day; this is less than one pack of cigarettes daily.

The vape juice manufacturers offer a wide variety of juices with different levels of liquid nicotine, including an option to vape with 0 mg of nicotine. This allows one to shift to the level one wants to vape, meaning, you can reduce the degree of liquid nicotine gradually, and slowly reducing the cravings for liquid nicotine completely to get to vape at the level of 0 mg of nicotine.

Exotic Carts

The bright and vibrant colors of our exotic carts are real head turners so if you were on a lookout for something stylish as well as durable then this is the one that you should consider buying. The oil within the flavors has thick wax consistency, which will guarantee a great feeling. Furthermore, you can rest assured know that the oil you’re going to smoke is clean with no harmful pesticides in it.

All you need to do is take a couple of hits every hour and the thick smoke of the cartridges will take care of the rest by allowing you to get high easily and rather quickly.

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