Living in Canada? 5 Reasons You Should Buy Weed Online

Though weed has multiple health benefits, it is not legalized in all countries. However, citizens of Canada got lucky when the Cannabis Act legalized the trade and consumption of weed for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

If you are a Canadian citizen, buying weed online can be the best option for you. If you’re still confused, this article will explore five reasons online weed shopping is a more favorable option for you than offline shopping.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed in Canada?

According to the Cannabis Act, the Government of Canada has legalized buying, selling, and consuming weed for both recreational and medical purposes. However, weed is still a highly regulated commodity in Canada and can only be bought through licensed channels. The government monitors the distribution and sale of weed by maintaining a certain standardization and quality control level.

The Government of Canada directly procures weed from registered Cannabis producers and then sells it to customers either directly via physical outlets or through online dispensaries. Some retailers can also obtain weed from the provincial government in certain states and sell them separately to local consumers.

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Here are 5 Reasons to Buy Weed Online:

1. More Convenient

When you have a working smartphone or computer along with an internet connection, online shopping is simpler than having to go to a brick-and-mortar store. Shopping weed online allows you to place an order from anywhere, anytime you want. The vendor will deliver the weed to your doorstep. For example, you will get black rabbit weed delivery in a single day. You will also be able to cancel or return orders if needed without much hassle.

2. Relatively Lower Cost

Online vendors usually offer weed at a lower cost than physical stores to hold a good position in the highly competitive cannabis market. Various brands also offer lucrative discounts as well as several loyalty perks for their customers. Online shopping also gives you more flexibility to compare different brands of weeds and their prices just with a few clicks. Also read this,

3. Access to Wider Variety and Customization

The local dispensaries selling weed do not usually keep stocks of a wide variety of cannabis products from all the brands available in the market. Online shopping allows you to navigate numerous websites offering good-quality cannabis products. You will be able to pick from a wide range of products without having to hop from shop to shop.

4. Completely Discreet

Though weed consumption is legal in Canada, cannabis users often face social stigma. If you don’t want prying eyes to invade your privacy, online weed shopping is the best option for you. You never have to explain to others whether you choose to use weed for recreational purposes or medicinal reasons like anxiety and pain. Online vendors ensure that your orders reach you in discreet packaging. They also allow customers to pay anonymously using cryptocurrencies.

5. Transparent Shopping Experience

All authentic online cannabis vendors are required to adhere to some government-authorized norms to ensure safety and transparency. They usually upload third-party lab test reports of their products for their customer’s reference. You will have access to all information regarding the source of the weed, its purity, and its efficacy. You would also be able to review the nutritional content of the cannabis products like oils, tinctures, and gums before purchasing.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Weed Online:

1. What is the legal age to buy weed in Canada?

Though it is legal to consume weed in Canada, not everyone can buy weed. The Cannabis Act states that marijuana should only be sold to a person no less than 19 years of age. However, the legal age to buy weed differs in some provinces. For instance, in Alberta, one needs to be at least 18 years of age to buy weed. Whereas, in Quebec, weed can only be sold to a person above 21 years.

2. How much weed can you buy at once?

The Cannabis Act has put legal constraints regarding the amount of weed a person can buy, carry and share at a time. You are not allowed to possess and carry with you more than 30gm of weed at a time. The amount is slightly over an ounce, and you can make up to 60 joints using it. Also, it is illegal to cross international borders while carrying weed.

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3. Where can you smoke weed in Canada?

The restriction regarding public smoking of weed varies in different Canadian provinces. Provinces such as Manitoba, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, etc., do not allow people to smoke weed in public places. In Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, it is legal to smoke wherever smoking tobacco is allowed. However, one cannot smoke weed inside a car or near a park, playground, or school. Some hotels in Canada also forbid smoking.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing An Online Weed Vendor in Canada:

1. Authenticity of the Vendor

With the surge in demand for Cannabis products, multiple companies are sprouting every day. Though these brands claim to supply high-quality weed, there is always a risk of falling prey to vendors selling counterfeit products.

Before you place an order, make sure to check out the credibility of the company. Refrain from buying weed from online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay. Instead, try buying from authentic brands selling ethnobotanical products.

2. Quality of the Product

Generally, all reliable cannabis vendors get their raw materials and products tested by independent laboratories to analyze their purity. Before purchasing weed, make sure you check out the lab reports usually published on the vendor’s website. These reports will help you understand how pure and effective the weed is.

3. Comparison of Price Offered by Different Brands

Not all brands offer their products at comparable prices. When you have access to numerous brands at your fingertip, why not compare the different price ranges offered by various vendors to get the best deal.

Tally the cost and the quality, and then pick the one that appeals to your judgment. If you find weeds at exceptionally low prices, refrain from buying them so that you don’t end up with low-efficacy products.

The Bottom Line:

We hope this article has provided you with favorable reasons as to why online weed shopping is a good choice for you. Not only will you be able to shop from anywhere, anytime you want, but you also get access to numerous products at your fingertips. In Addition, you will also get access to a lot of insider knowledge about the weed industry.

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