Is It Legal To Celebrate Christmas With Weed From Weed Delivery Burnaby?

Christmas is the most exciting and anticipated time of the year. Apart from being a festival, it offers a chance to end the year on a fun note. Christmas and new year parties are the best days where the celebration vibe is everywhere. So, this is the time we look for recreational ways to make our experiences enjoyable. However, there are multiple questions and doubts about whether weed delivery is legal here. If you want to make the most out of the city and the season with weed, this will help you loads.

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We want to have a total blast at the end of an eventful year! Weed is one of the most preferred options for reasons that don’t need an explanation. What makes a huge difference is where you celebrate Christmas. Burnaby is one such city that does justice to the festival and our spirits. It has some eye-catching shopping destinations, and the restaurants there are perfect for whooping it up.

This article will give you immense clarity if you plan to end your year on a “high” note. Let us see if weed and its delivery are legal in Burnaby. Additionally, we will tell you just the tips you need to make this Christmas memorable there. Also read this,

Is Weed Legal In Burnaby?

The government authority of Burnaby is taking some commendable measures in this direction. While some sections may not be favorable for everyone, it has still done a great job. There is a detailed plan for the manufacturing and sale of non-legal cannabis.

Though it is regulated, the laws are not entirely disappointing for the weed community. For starters, the production, packaging, distribution, and warehousing of non-medical cannabis are legal. Under regulatory rules, of course. However, cannabis stores were not legal until recently in Burnaby. The first cannabis store in Burnaby opened on October 27.

The Status of Weed Delivery in Burnaby

While the option of store purchase didn’t exist until October this year, the delivery option has been the savior. Weed delivery is legal in Burnaby. As a result of multiple public hearings, the government plans to open four cannabis stores. All the four town centers of the city will have one such store each. But, only government stores are allowed in the city.

Recently, the first government-authorized weed store opened up in Burnaby. Since there is just one store available, weed delivery continues to be the most popular option for getting weed in the city. Before this, people have two options to get their supply of cannabis in Burnaby. Either they could make an online purchase from the Province or head to a nearby municipality with cannabis stores. The former method is still the most feasible and hassle-free.

Things to keep in mind

Let us now talk about a few tips that one must keep in mind while celebrating Christmas with weed delivery in Burnaby.

  • Before you order or consume weed, make sure that you are above or equal to the minimum age set by the government. In Burnaby, an individual should be 19 years or older to consume weed. This rule also applies to selling and purchasing weed.
  • Some people enjoy the experience of smoking weed in various settings. However, you must ensure that you don’t smoke it in prohibited areas. As per the latest rules, these areas include public parks, business premises, and public places and outdoors owned by the city.
  • You must only order from licensed stores if you are going for weed delivery. You may find plenty of unlicensed stores or ones providing low-quality cannabis products in nearby municipalities. Hence, make it a point to take an opinion about it from someone you know there or a local.

Why should I prefer weed delivery over store purchase?

There are various pros of picking an online mode of purchase over offline if you will be in Burnaby for Christmas.

  • Better availability: Online purchasing allows you to order weed whenever you like. Since there is just one store in Burnaby that is authorized and trustworthy, you may not get what and how much you desire. Furthermore, the festive season is around the corner. That will cause the availability of weed in offline stores to go down even more.
  • More choices and variety: Several websites offer a wide range of products to choose from under multiple product categories. You get different and fun cannabis products of all types like gummies, vapes, buds, edibles, magic mushrooms, etc. You will also find options in strains online. Moreover, highly reputed weed products brands are available in online stores, which may not be the case with the government-owned in Burnaby. Undoubtedly, there is no comparison between the choices offered by the online stores and a single store in the city.
  • Convenience: Online weed stores delivering in Burnaby offer impressive benefits and services to the customers. You have choices like same-day delivery, mail-order marijuana, click and collect, etc. Weed delivery has been legal for a long time now. Due to that, the customer service and support on these websites are well-managed.
  • Pocket-friendly: Physical weed stores are on the pricier side across all categories of marijuana products. The credit for the same goes to the overhead costs. On the other hand, online stores can be more affordable for you. We agree that delivery charges are often high. But, if you find a good store nearest to your location in Burnaby, you can cut down on the delivery fee. Besides, other attractive offers like free delivery, coupons, discounts, freebies, etc., are frequently available on such websites.


This Christmas, Burnaby will be a whole other vibe as weed is now legal as per rules. Weed delivery is legal in Burnaby, and you can indeed include it in your celebration plans. We would recommend you to order it online and avoid any hassles. You only need to make sure that you follow all the rules and stick to the government’s regulations.

Apart from that, you can refer to the tips we mentioned in this article to make your experience even better. We wish you Merry Christmas in advance and hope that you have the best one so far this year!

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