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How to Retain Cannabis Raw and Potent?

We are all aware that the cannabis sector is growing with the increased demand for cannabis-infused products. While there are numerous cannabis consumables on the market, many people prefer homemade cannabis edibles or other Cannabis Ontario products to what many brands are selling. If you are one of them, we have got some excellent news for you.

Using naturally produced cannabis plants/leaves to create your favorite product is far easier than you believe. All you need is perfectly ‘decarboxylated’ cannabis to get started. If you are alien to this term, do not panic. We are here to help you navigate this process. This post will discuss how to keep raw and potent cannabidiol.


Wait a Minute! What Exactly Is Decarboxylation?

Understanding decarboxylation, in technical terms, can be a long process. So we will skip that section and leave it up to you to delve deeper. In layman’s terms, decarboxylation/de-carbing is the process of converting raw cannabis into a powerful version.

Decarboxylation is the technique of activating raw and pure cannabis in its natural form. The advantages of this process are numerous, but one of the most important is that our endocannabinoid system can harvest all of the plant’s benefits.

Now that we have covered the basics of decarboxylation, it is essential to note that it is probably, one of the most efficient as well as practical ways to keep cannabis potent and fresh. So let us have a look at some additional options for accomplishing the same thing.

How Can You Keep Cannabis Fresh and Efficacious?

Various factors affect the potency of organic cannabis/marijuana. Therefore, it is vital to learn how air temperature, moisture, and light affect the chemical composition of your cannabis. You will be able to keep your cannabis incredibly fresh for longer lengths of time if you know how to handle these aspects.


The level of humidity

The humidity levels in the area where you store/keep your cannabis have a significant impact on its therapeutic effects and how long it will remain potent. When there is too much moisture in the air, the plant becomes vulnerable to fungus and mildew. Even if the air temperature is perfect, a lack of humidity will dry out the stem resin and destroy the cannabis. Fortunately, the task of finding the right balance begins long before you purchase your marijuana. Cultivators of cannabis dry their flowers and then cure them.

According to experts, a relative humidity (RH) level between 59 and 63 percent is excellent for keeping your weed as fresh as possible in the right potency, maintain aroma, quality, composition, and appearance. Make sure your cannabis does not become too moist and moldy.


UV radiation can damage your cannabis by bleaching the buds and reducing marijuana’s strength. Introducing your cannabis to sunlight is the quickest way for it to mature. Cannabis can die by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. So, while glass jars may appear enticing, they will not safeguard your product in the same manner that a translucent vessel will. A brownish bottle will block out noticeable UV radiation. That is why alcohol producers use them to bottle beer. Green pots will also filter approximately 30 percent of UV rays.

Properly preserve your cannabis in an opaque and airtight container to avoid susceptibility to air. When storing tiny amounts of cannabis, avoid using too large containers because this allows excessive air inside the container containing your marijuana. Of course, some air will enter your sealed product once you open the jars, but you may restrict the number of times you do that.

The temperature of the air

To protect the psychoactive power of your marijuana, store it in a location with cool but not freezing air temperatures. Now, this is when decarboxylation enters the picture.

The recommended temperature for storing marijuana is about 70 degrees F. But why? Frost and fungus, the villains of secure and healthful cannabis, can be associated with high temperatures mixed with high relative humidity. The recommended temperature for storing marijuana is about 70 degrees F. But why? Frost and fungus, the villains of secure and healthful cannabis, can be associated with high temperatures mixed with high relative humidity.

Keeping cannabis safe

When you grasp all of the aspects discussed above, it becomes much easier to comprehend how to preserve cannabis fresh and keep it safe. The following are some of the worst methods to store your marijuana which you got from weed delivery services:


  • In a plastic food pouch
  • On a tray exposed to oxygen and sunlight
  • Large glass containers
  • Transparent glass jars


If you intend to store your herbs in glass jars, keep the jars in a cold, dark, and moisture-free location. You can also protect your glass containers from UV rays by wrapping them in a dark-colored paper bag.

What you should not do-

Now that you have got an insight into cannabis storage. Let us look at what not to do with the containers you chose.


Do not leave your cannabis container exposed to light, heat, or moisture.

  1. When creating your favorite cannabis-infused product, avoid using fruit peels to enhance the taste. It has the potential to deliver unwelcome moisture.
  2. Keep heat-generating equipment and gadgets away from the cannabis container. The heat can potentially damage the herb.
  3. The fridge may appear to be the ideal location for your marijuana container, but it is not. When you open and reopen the refrigerator, the temperature varies, which might cause mold and fungus to grow on your cannabis.
  4. Do not count on plastic containers to protect your precious herb.

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Now that you have learned how to keep your cannabis fresh and potent by utilizing various approaches, you are ready to infuse that lovely herb into your favorite products, such as oils and edibles.

However, before becoming too excited and indulging in excessive marijuana consumption, conduct a thorough study on the plant you are using, its components, psychoactive features, and adverse effects. Before consuming cannabis for medical purposes, consult your doctor. Move with caution and vigilance, and do what is best for your health and well-being.

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