Detailed and Honest Review

Detailed and Honest Review: Smok Gram-25 Smok Vape Mod Kit

After Acro and Novo 4, we decode the much-talked-about SMOK Gram-25 Kit. First, let’s decode some of the basic specifications of this traditional style lightweight Smok vape mod:

Tank capacity – 2ml

Battery capacity – 900mAh integral

Dimensions – 124mm x 26.6mm x 17mm

Output wattage – 1-25W

Coil resistance – 0.6ohm dual coil

Assembled weight packaging (approx.) – 66g

As we see, it is a small, lightweight device, which goes a bit contrasting to its name. Since it weighs about 40gm, that’s just the beginning; let’s go deeper to understand the different specifications of this new model. 

Unboxing the Surprise:

Well, we can say that they have saved pretty efficiently in the pretty compact little packaging. You might expect a larger box but an outer sleeve with high-quality two-piece boxes seems promising. Of course, everything is stuck together in one layer packaging, but it seems that the packaging was pretty efficient when you see it when you see it. 

Let’s see what we get in this Smok Vape Mod kit:

1 x SMOK Gram-25 kit

1 x Replacement glass

1 x USB-C charging cable

2 x G16 0.6Ω Coils

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

The included coils are identical and come with a spare piece of glass that people usually miss out on. The copy could have saved cost and carbon footprint by fitting the manual in a leaflet or posted it online. The 38 gm book seemed quite unnecessary. 

The best comes first:

This Smok vape mod was love at first sight. It’s so shallow but look at this cute little packaging. It is a proper tank and mod kit; it’s one of the kits you will love to get clicked with. The ultra-compact and lightweight, it helps you get the proper grip on the tank, and you can fire it easily in multiple hand positions.

About the design:

  • The design is interesting, with an oval shape with a flat control edge.
  • The glass screens are one side positioned, which do not get in the way of adjusting or firing. 
  • The major out cover is anodized with a metallic blue finish.
  • The chipset, screen, and controls are covered in a glossy black plastic which is good in contrast. 
  • You get a removable 5-10 fitting drip-tip. Unfortunately, the drip tip ruined the Smok with a decent compact MTL kit and the N19 kit, making the kit unusable. 
  • The tank strips down into seven pieces, and the airflow adjustment ring doubles as a locking ring screw/unscrews the tank from the mod.
  • You can lock the rest of the tank and unscrew it as you pull it upwards to lock it. 
  • It’s a bit quirky to see it spring back down once you release it, but when you observe it closely, you don’t know if you even need it. 

You can easily screw fit into the base and tighten the top assembly, so you do not require any fancy plug and play on this set.

The kit has 0.6Ω coils which are more suited for RDL users despite the whole kit that aims towards MTL users.

Over the controls:

Let’s decode the manual simply. 

  • To adjust the wattage, you press the lower button once unlocked, and it increases the wattage in 1-watt increments up to the maximum 25 watts and then round-robins to 1 watt; press fire to confirm.
  • When you fire five times, you turn the device on/off.
  • When you fire three times, you unlock the adjustment button
  • Adjust the wattage by simply pressing the lower button once unlocked since it increases the wattage in 1-watt increments up to the maximum 25 watts and then round-robins to 1 watt. Therefore press fire to confirm.
  • Removing the tank resets the puff counter.
  • When you hold to fire the adjustment button, you accesS absolute FA.
  • You can quickly click the adjustment button 5916 times; it self-destructs. 

In the end:


  • Easy access old school MTL mod and tank
  • Cute and compact Kit
  • Great flavor
  • Stylish and compact
  • Decent MTL draw and decent MTL draw and RDL


  • Availability of 0.6ohm coils
  • Bulky manual (which you can recycle)
  • Useless drip-tip

The SMOK Gram-25 Kit cannot be considered a huge innovation as it is an ultra-compact kit that can be considered Smok’s best mod and tank kit to date.

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