The Difference Between Vape Pens and Dab Pens

Dab pens and vape pens are some of the popular vaping devices that you come across, mainly if you are beginning to use cannabis. Typically, people use marijuana because of various health benefits. Research reveals that marijuana is an effective and safe medication for people with chronic pain, and it is a promising treatment for depression, nausea, muscle spasms, anxiety, and autism.

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Bearing that in mind, let’s start by defining vape pens and dab pens. Vape pens are devices that use batteries to function. They use liquid or oil cartridges to produce the vapor, which you will inhale.

Vape pens are rechargeable and may accept different types of oil cartridges. They have four main compartments as follows:

  • A battery – powers the vape pen.
  • A tank – holds the vaping oil or liquid.
  • Sensors – are responsible for controlling the atomizer, voltage, vaping powers, and other various mechanisms.
  • An atomizer – uses heat to turn the oil or liquid into vapor.

Dab pens, on the contrary, are devices people use to ingest dabs by dabbing. Dabs are small THC concentrates that produce more powerful effects than the traditional ways of inhaling cannabis.

Besides having the same compartments as vape pens, dab pens also function in the same manner as vape pens. The coil heats and melts the dab onto a wick, which will then absorb this liquid and further heats to produce a vapor that the user inhales. 

The main differences between vape pens and dab pens:

1. Smoking experience

Often, dab pens provide a smoother experience than vape pens. The two main reasons that support this are:

  • Dab pens produce a much less harsh vapor than vape pens, which produce thicker smoke from the oil they use. According to the, vape pens with quartz rod coils produce harsh, intensive, as well as big clouds.
  • Dab pens enable you to control the devices’ temperature. Thus, the user may take cooler hits.  A study shows that the vaporizers that people use to vape herbal marijuana and waxy concentrates have glass-lined ceramic bowls that control the temperature for efficient vaporization of the substance.

2. The types of concentrates they use

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Depending on the type of a dab pen a person uses, he may smoke various kinds of concentrates, such as:

  • Crumble – a combination of dry oil and honey. It is hard to handle this kind of concentrate. Thus, it is less popular among the various concentrates.
  • Butter – a concentrate with a malleable texture that feels and cake-like frosting appearance. Not all butter looks the same since the method of extraction and the starting material influences the appearance.
  • Wax – It is a soft concentrate that looks like a lip balm and contains hash oil. A high-quality wax is easy to manipulate and amber in color. It is amongst the most potent marijuana products that provide a more appealing flavor to the use.
  • Shatter – a type of concentrate that looks like a clear shard of glass. Usually, it is a delicate kind of concentrate.

On the other hand, vape pens use oil or liquid. They allow you to try several flavors as you enjoy the benefits that come with CBD if you are vaping CBD vape juice. Research shows that CBD may help fight anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

There may be vape pens that do both oil and concentrate like wax. However, these kinds of vape pens may not perform optimally as a liquid/oil-specific vape pen, or a concentrate dab pen will do. So, a vaporizer that works with one type of substance is a quality one. For a better vaping experience, make sure you buy related equipment and accessories from reputed online sources like Big Daddy Smoke.

3. Cleaning

Vape pens are easy to clean since they have disposable or refillable cartridges. Thus, this decreases the amount of residue that accumulates inside the devices. However, avoid spilling the liquid or oil you use.

Dab pens may get very messy, mainly if the user is vaping oilier kinds of concentrates. The concentrates might get inside the dab pen and will require to be thorough when cleaning, and will take more time. It requires detailed, but gentle scrubbing to remove the sticky residue. At times, you need to buy a new coil.

Also, try not to get concentrates inside of the device’s coil as they may cause it to meltdown or burn to the atomizer. It can lead to clogs, breaks, and other problems.

4. Chamber loading process

For the dab pens, you need to load the concentrate directly onto the coil. Some of the concentrates like wax may get messy. Thus, use a dab tool to load it and make sure not to overload the pen’s chamber.

It is easy to load the liquid or oil when using a vape pen. It becomes easiest when the vape pen has a disposable cartridge since you don’t have to load the oil.

Some individuals prefer mixing their oils, and thus, they will go for vape pens with refillable chambers. Avoid overfilling the pen’s chamber when you opt for such a vape pen. Also, seal the pen’s chamber completely when assembling it back in the vape pen. Some individuals prefer mixing their oils, and thus, they will go for vape pens with refillable chambers. Avoid overfilling the pen’s chamber when you opt for such a vape pen. Also, seal the pen’s chamber completely when assembling it back in the vape pen.

Tips to take care of a vape pen

  • Ensure to use the right oil cartridge for the vape pen’s battery since excess power may burn out its heating compartment.
  • Get a vape pen with variable voltage as it helps you enjoy the best flavor. However, if the vapor is excessively harsh for you, allow some time for it to cool down before you continue to vape.
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Tips to take care of a dab pen

Various types of dab pens are available on the market. Your budget and preference will determine the kind of a dab pen you will choose.

  • Avoid overloading the chamber, but use a dab tool to load a small amount of the concentrate directly onto the pen’s coil.
  • Do not touch the coil since this may damage it.
  • Store the concentrate (wax) in a freezer as this simplifies the loading process. Typically, the wax will be less sticky and may take a few seconds for it to heat.
  • Keep the dab pen clean to prevent the accumulation of residue.


Both dab pens and vape pens help a user vape cannabis and other substances. The above differences between these two devices may help you choose the right vaporizer to use. Nonetheless, ensure to take care of a vaporizer so that you enjoy vaping for a longer time. Also, it saves money because it prevents breakages and other issues.

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