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Enhance Your Knowledge Regarding CBD Wellness Products

When we talk about CBD, it only covers the medicinal aspects of cannabis.CBD is among the 100+ known cannabinoids present in the leaves of cannabis plants of all categories i.e. marijuana strain, hemp or ruderalis. For commercial CBD extraction purposes, help is considered the best plant. It comprises a very low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and a high amount of other cannabinoids. It means the extract of the hemp plant is non-intoxicating and perfect for making health supplement products. For making CBD wellness products commercially, cannabinoids are extracted through different processes such as:- 

  • Steam distillation
  • Solvent distillation 
  • CO2 extraction

Right now, the research on CBD and other phytocannabinoids are not enough to give them mainstream medicine recognition. Still, numerous CBD dispensaries are selling products as alternative medicines. Cannabinoids are capable of improving your health from both neurological and immunity aspects. However, the results depend on which kind of strain you are consuming. On the basis of cannabinoids composition, CBD products are distributed into three categories including:-

  • Full-spectrum
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Isolate

Let me elaborate on why CBD is divided into these three categories. 

Understanding the classification of CBD products

CBD products like full-spectrum hemp tinctures or broad-spectrum hemp tinctures are divided on the basis of their cannabinoids. As we already mentioned above, Cannabis plants comprise more than a hundred different cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the major intoxicating agent and also responsible for binding with your neurological system. CBD products that contain THC are known as full-spectrum CBD. According to the guidelines of the FDA, the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol should not go more than 0.3% in order to prevent intoxicating impacts. 

Broad-spectrum on the other hand contains all cannabinoids expected THC. It is also a good health supplement but only for immunity issues. Broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures or other concentrates cannot help in recovering your mental health issues. 

The third variant is CBD isolate that only contains cannabidiol compounds. It is considered as the purest form but cannot derive results better than Full or broad-spectrum CBD wellness products. 

Major reasons for classified CBD products

  • Legal aspect

The legal aspect is the major reason why hemp oil tinctures, concentrated oils, edibles and vaping liquids are divided into so many categories. Despite its medicinal significance, still, many countries cannot accept it for curing purposes because of the tetrahydrocannabinol content. Alone in the US jurisdiction, the legality of cannabis is divided into 5 categories including:- 

  • Legal
  • Legal for medicinal use
  • Legal for medicine but with limited THC
  • Completely illegal 
  • Decriminalized 

CBD dispensaries sell products that are legal for medicinal use but with limited or no THC at all. 

  • Medicinal aspect

Talking about the medicinal aspect, CBD wellness products are available in full and broad-spectrum categories. The full-spectrum hemp tincture or other concentrated product works effectively on our neurological system because of the THC content. On the other hand, broad-spectrum products are considered for our immunity-related health issues. 

We recommend full-spectrum CBD wellness products because they are all-rounder. Whether it is your neurological issue or low immunity, cannabinoids present in full-spectrum products works effectively in all cases. 


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