7 High-end Cannabis Gifts For A Luxurious High

A cannabis enthusiast may not thank you for giving him everyday items like perfumes and gizmos. A cannabis buyer is of a different tribe. He has a taste for sophisticated accessories like weed vaporizers and CBD-scented candles to please his snob appeal. The wise choices are several. With legal cannabis developing into regal cannabis, it is time to rethink the gifting strategy.

Weed is getting legal in most states in the US and is permissible for adults over 21 years. This has pushed cannabis into diverse consumption categories such as health, wellness, edibles, beauty, lifestyle, and grooming. The recreational cannabis industry is one more add-on to the growing cannabis list with terrific products catering to high-end customers’ needs. Here are some swanky weed gifts to deliver a euphoric high to cannabis lovers.

  1. Premium Quality Cannabis Strains

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A Sativa strain is a priceless gift because it fulfills its job of giving the most desirable euphoric effect. Duke Nukem strain is one such popular strain in the Sativa radar. It shares its name with an alien-killing video game character, and its ‘brainy’ effects may induce happiness, creativity, and giggles.

Cannabis strains with high cannabinoids have great strength. There is no shortage of potent marijuana. A toke of high potency strains is mood-uplifting within seconds and works for artists who suffer from focus problems. It delivers a cerebral high that’s enjoyable and also eases migraines and headaches. CBD buds pack a punch!  

  1. Luxury Vape Pens

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Within the vaping industry, high-end vape pens are luxury items. The manufacturing and price point reflects their superiority over other vaporizers on the market. In feel, appearance, performance, and features, they are a class apart. And they give a clean vapor experience discreetly.

Some portable vape pens come with a rose-plated finish to enhance the luxury feel. Ceramic tanks produce high clean vapor, and flex screw caps deliver functional aesthetics. The battery indicator has a giant capacity. You can customize the voltage settings for the best vaping feel. There are pre-heat mode and auto shut-off provisions to prevent overheating. Leak-proof technology and quick charging are vapor-friendly features. A sleek carry case comes with some of the best purchases.

  1. CBD Pillow

cbd pillow


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This novel gift redefines the art of sleeping to a plush high. Unlike a conventional pillow, it infuses a CBD pillow with heaps of microcapsules containing CBD. Rest your head on this pillow, and the capsules burst with joy, releasing the cannabis strain into your hair follicles till the early morning hours.

The memory foam pillow with CBD technology helps you get calmer sleep, unlike the ordinary pillows you have used since childhood. Pair it with a scented pillowcase to make a perfect gift hamper for your cannabis buddy.          


  1. Scented Candle

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When you save your money to buy a cannabis-scented candle, you will love it for the hemp effect it brings to the room. Imagine going the weed road with fresh notes of green cannabis giving you a nasal and satisfactory high.

CBD-infused specialty candles made from beeswax, coconut wax, custom-made colors have quality burn time. Gift wrap the glossy candles and cotton wick and reveal the subtle hint of weed fields to your cannabis enthusiast.

  1. Water Pipe


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This smoking accessory made of thick glass and glazed ceramic carries modern design and precision. The pipe passes smoke with the help of a downward stem and diffuses it evenly through the water. The in-built splash guard in the pipe’s bottom prevents water from spoiling your hit. It is easy to hold and tilt and is a makeover in smoking devices.  

  1. Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are hand-rolled and packaged to give you a purist hemp feel. They are rich with cannabidiol and terpenes and relax the mind and body to a smooth draw. They also give you the medicinal benefits of hemp CBD.

When smoked, most of the CBD in a pre-roll is rapidly absorbed in the body, promoting relaxation. Great during the daytime, they give you a mellow combination of stimulating and uplifting cerebral experience.    


  1. Vape Kits


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Cannabis connoisseurs can expect a mind-blowing hit with vaping kits. Beginner to advanced vape mods from the finest manufacturers provides you maximum control of your vaping experience. Marijuana aficionados can personalize vape to keep running for a long time.

The vape tank delivers insane hits for cannabis lovers keen to explore flavorful and hard-hitting puffs. The amazing capacity tanks guarantee a clog-resistant, leak-proof and safe experience.       

Final Word

This year has seen stressfully long months. Cannabis-lovers have found relief in this herb in the currently grave circumstances. If you know someone on your gift list who needs to keep gloom and hopelessness out of their system, give them a cannabis-infused product.

Pot leaves have come a long way in glow-up, and they are not cheesy anymore. It will make a premium gifting experience and uplift your spirits as well. It is also a classier way to get high. So, start putting your thoughts about the high-end cannabis gift for your upcoming celebrations.    

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