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4 Tips To Consider While Flying With Vape

If you haven’t traveled with your vape device, you’re probably wondering what the procedure is and what you are allowed to carry with you. Of course, you can bring the increasingly popular vape devices on a plane with you.

Before you decide to travel with your vape device, though, you should consider some crucial things. We will give you four tips on what is essential to know before and during your flight.

1.   Pack Your Vaping Device Properly

When you go on a plane trip, the device will have to be adequately packed. If you want your vape device to always be with you, you have to follow some procedures and rules. The first thing that goes without saying is that you’ll have to carry your vape device with you in your hand luggage.

Since safety in airplanes is always at a high level, there’s a worldwide rule that passengers must secure any device that can cause a fire. So some vape devices with lithium batteries have to be taken with you on the plane, and you won’t be able to put them in checked baggage.

You’ll need to pack them well and provide some plastic battery boxes. If your mode has an internal battery that you’ll need to charge, don’t forget your charger. If you are taking a shorter trip, consider taking simpler devices such as disposable vape pens.

You won’t have to bother packing them at all, and you don’t need an additional e-liquid or a battery charger.

2.   Vape Juice is Liquid

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As you probably already know, liquids, creams, and any products that require carrying in a bottle must be up to 100ml or less. You already knew all this if you’ve traveled by plane before, but the same goes for vape juice because it’s considered a liquid too.

If you still bring a model that can be filled with liquid and you need more of it, then the only thing that matters is that you pack your bottles well. We recommend that you buy bottles of up to 100ml for your trip and pack your favorite e-juices in those bottles.

It’s probably wise to wrap up all the bottles twice to avoid any leakage during the flight. You certainly don’t want all your things to smell like vape juice flavors on vacation. The cabins’ pressure is different, and the bottle of liquid can spill and destroy all your luggage. The advice is to put them in a double 1-quart bag.

It’s also important to know that all the features for your vape device can be obtained almost anywhere, so you do not have to make stocks. You can buy  from black friday vape offers, batteries, and e-juices in any country where vaping isn’t banned, and there are very few countries like that.

3.   Don’t Use Your Vaping Device on the Plane

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Many airports no longer have places where the use of vape devices is allowed. There are still some airports that have marked signs on where you can use smoking devices. Vape can be used indoors, unlike traditional nicotine delivery systems.

However, this rule does not apply to airplanes – you can carry a vape device in your hand luggage, but you cannot use it during the flight. We believe that this is challenging because you have all the essential things to start vaping with you, but since other passengers may think that it’s cigarette smoke and get upset, it’s best not to use your vape device.

Also, many passengers might think that something caught fire. Unless you want to cause panic and fear, avoid vaping until you land and be in a safe place for it.

It’s important to know that you have USB chargers for tablets, computers, and phones on every plane, but that does not mean that you can charge your vape there.

4.   Make Sure You Are Allowed to Vape Where You Travel

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Are you used to the laws in your country, and it never occurred to you to look into the laws of the country you’re traveling to? That can be a problem, especially when it comes to vaping because there are countries where vape is prohibited.

If you do not want your equipment and device to be taken when you land, then it is wiser to find out about the vape laws of the country you are visiting before the flight. Some of those countries are Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, and Thailand.


Vapers have been regular airline passengers for a long time, and you won’t have any inconvenience at airports. It’s all about following the rules – pack your device the way we talked about and get ready for an adventure among the clouds.

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